What are Eviction Moratoriums ?

What are Eviction Moratoriums, why important?

Federal eviction moratoriums created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention limits the ability for landlords to evict someone when a tenant is unable to pay rent.

Eviction moratoriums are necessary during this pandemic because many people have lost their income as a direct impact of efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Without these moratoriums, thousands of families would face homelessness during a global pandemic.

The researchers found that states allowing their eviction moratoriums to expire caused as many as 433,700 excess cases of Covid and 10,700 additional deaths between March and September.”(CNBC,2020)

Consider the individual and societal consequences evictions threaten: Homelessness perpetuates the spread of covid. (Homelessness is not an individual problem)


  • From the beginning of this pandemic we have all been called to isolate and quarantine. When people are evicted from their homes it is almost impossible to practice any of these precautions. Some people couch surf – moving from homes of friends and family. This spreads the virus.
  • Homelessness makes it increasingly difficult to obtain resources. With this in mind, people may struggle to keep up with hygiene, sanitizing, fresh masks, and more.