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Welcome to Learnaboutcovid.org. Here you will find relevant information on the affects of Covid-19, resources, and more!
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Here we offer information involving the COVID-19 virus. There you will learn about how COVID-19 has impacted our infrastructure and mental health.


Here we offer resources such as crisis hotlines, shelters, and self help applications.

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Our Mission

“I created this website because I wanted to create a place in which Covid-19 could be learned about through multiple lenses. This site provides resources that tackle both the physical and mental hardships COVID-19 has caused. As this pandemic progressed many of us have been  forced into isolation, lost loved ones, lost income, and much more. My intent is to create a space that provides credible information and accessible help.” 

    – Jade Cross 

“My vision for developing this site was to help create a space where individuals will have access to real-time information from credible sources. There are so many mediums of information out there today, making it difficult for people to know where the credible information is. So I have sought out to make a site that is intuitive, informational, and credible for all users.” 

   – Christopher Carter